Interactive Talking Hamster

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  • Be best friends with a crazy hamster!-our hamster will be able to speak whatever language you teach it!! Whether you speak English, Spanish, Japanese or Chinese; your hamster will mimic your language. Bet you've never seen a cooler hamster!
  • These Mimicry characters were carefully constructed to be the ultimate cute companion. In every aspect of their design you can find special parts that were designed with the consumer in mind. As you can see, the doll is created to sit firmly, so even while dancing it won't fall over.
  • The Mimicry pets are also intricately detailed, down to the cute little round eyeballs. Just look at it's face and how innocent is looks! You definitely won't want to leave it alone! It almost reminds us of a Hamtaro doll or some other stuffed animal from childhood. 
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! NO QUESTIONS ASKED - Our product goes through rigorous inspection and testing to ensure our customers receive a quality product. If your product is damaged, defective or not to your standards we will replace it for you. Not completely satisfied with our product? We'll give your money back - whatever the reason.Tips:The Talking Hamster works with high power consumption, please use new batteries